Saturday, February 28, 2009

Offically the Season begins...

Tomorrow morning we will begin the journey of the 2009 season. The first Hooters event will begin this upcoming week in Amelia Island, Fl. So, tomorrow morning at 0400 Scott, Clay for Cubs, and I will begin the journey of many hours in the car. On our way to Amelia Island we will yet again stop in Sea Island, GA for one more lesson with Mike Taylor.

We are excited to be adding to the Toaster (our car) Clay for Cubs. Clay Duerson is caddying for Scott this week and is from Lexington, KY. We came into contact with him through a mutual friend. I have really good feelings about him and I really hope that he and Scott hit it off. Hopefully we will see more of him as the season goes on.

I will post a link as the week goes on of the leader board for this event. Scott and I have been really excited to hear how many people are reading our blog! I guess it's not only my parents after all!