Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panama Update

Spoke to Scott a couple of times today.  They are enjoying Panama though complain about how hot it is there (pretty close to 100 degrees).  He added a couple new Adams clubs to the bag yesterday for the ProAm and was so please with them, played today with them as well.  He wasn't in fact very please with the ProAm.  He said that they began at 1220 and didn't get off of the course last night until 7.  Scott likes the usually but I think the one on Wednesday was a stretch of patience even for him!  The first round was suspended due to darkness or so my text from the tour said.  They will tee off tomorrow at 12 something.

He's said that he is impressed with how well the players have been taken care of down there.  He's also glad that Clay is allowed to go many places that in the states he usually won't be (such as player lounge, locker room, clubhouse, etc). I know the boys are having a blast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tee times

Scott tees off at 0730 Thursday and 1210 on Friday.

Maybe he'll write a blog post from down South but don't hold your breathe!



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heard from Scott. They made ok!

No word from the boys but I'm sure they are doing great.
They will have a great few days to practice before they begin on Thursday. Also, they are on eastern standard time.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boys will be boys...

It's not very reassuring when Scott and Clay are sitting in the car ready to leave for Atlanta when Scott says that he may need his passport...
Or, after they have his passport they still need the car keys!?!

Looks like those two are about to have one crazy adventure. Can't wait to read Clays book! Ha


Friday, February 19, 2010


Scott and Clay head out for Panama tomorrow. Scott's game is really good and his coach says that he is hitting it better than he did before Qschool.

I was advised to stay home for the next two events due to security issues. Several times this trip the players will have military escorts. Scottsaid that he would play better knowing there wasn't a chance I could get stolen. Therefore, I'll be staying home.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Housing...

I feel like this email may become a yearly plea... 

Last year we spend 290 days on the road.  Living out of hotels is hard and gets old really quick.  
Every year we try find some "private housing" which helps us feel like we are more in a home environment. 
Usually it is someone who lives on or near the course that we are playing that week.   
Below are some of the dates and places we are going. 
If you know anyone in the area who may be interested in having Scott and I stay with them that would be great! 

Thanks and have a great day!! 

Le Triomphe CC, Broussard, Louisiana,   March 21 - 28 
Kinderlou Forest Golf Club, Valdosta, Georgia, April 19 - 25
University of Georgia GC, Athens, Georgia, April 26 - May 02  
The University of Maryland GC, College Park, Maryland, May 31 - June 06 
The OSU Golf Club - Scarlet, Columbus, Ohio, July 19 - 25
Champions Run, Omaha, Nebraska, July 26 - Aug. 01
Highland Springs CC, Springfield, Missouri, Aug. 9 - 15
Southpointe Golf Club, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Aug 30 - Sept 05
Willow Creek CC, Sandy, Utah, Sep. 06 - 12
Hillcrest CC, Boise, Idaho, Sep. 13 - 19
The CC at Soboba Springs, San Jacinto, California, Sep. 27 - Oct. 03 
Miccosukee G&CC, Miami, Florida, Oct. 11 - 17 
Dye's Valley Course, Ponte Vedra, Florida, Oct. 18 - 24
Daniel Island Club - Ralston, Charleston, South Carolina, Oct. 25 - 31

Feel free to email me

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jet Lag

We have had some tough times getting adjusted. So far we have slept until 3pm one day, woken up at 3am another day. Last night/this morning we could finally fall asleep about 4am. Hopefully w can get on a normal schedule soon.
Snow here in Knoxville today. Scott will be practicing inside which is not his favorite thing to do.
He heads out Saturday for Atlanta then Panama(I will not be going...I don't want to get stolen). The time change there will not be as severe.
I am spending the day with my niece and nephew...pretty good birth control but they sure are cute!


Friday, February 12, 2010


We finally made it home around 1 am this morning.  Thanks to good ole dad, he was there to pick us up with his big smiling face.... nice to see after so long away.

Once we got home we were wide awake.  About to 2am we both took an ambien and slept until 130pm... well Scott had to be woken up at 330.  Needless to say we don't know when we will be sleeping tonight.

Working on getting the house cleaned up and laundry done.  It will be good to be home for awhile.


I've also added (or am adding now) some pictures to the slideshow in the top corner. If you click the images you can make the larger. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still flying

... Tired and ready to be home. We've been flyin since 5 pm Wednesday. 4 of 5 flights completed. Ugh!
Times like these I miss the toaster.

We need SLEEP!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We are getting ready to leave and head back home after an incredible two weeks down under. We are currently in Sydney now and will leave to fly back to Melbourne tonight to catch a flight back to America tomorrow. We had a worldwind trip around Sydney that started at roughly 8 am and ended at 11 pm in a casino. We saw everything that you could want to see. Jen will post pictures when we get back to America. Today we will finish our time in Sydney in the shops. Clay and I are really excited....
We are looking forward to getting back home but not looking forward to the weather. See everyone soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


After a great tournament start we are going on a little holiday to Sydney for a few days.  We will be back in Tennessee late, late Thursday night.

The boys are excited that Clay will be wearing a gold bib (top 25) in Panama. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Round 4 tomorrow

I tee off tomorrow at 1030 local time. It has been a tough last few days with very strong winds that seem to be coming from every direction and changing every other hole. We are in a good position now and looking forward to getting back on the course tomorrow. My golf game is slowly but surely coming around and clay and I are working better as each day comes and goes. The nationwide tour is a new experience all in itself. The golf is the same but the circumstances and the atmosphere is completely different. The adjustments that I am having to make only have to do with the "off course" things. The golf and practicing will be the same but travel and other logistics week in and week out are the things that are vastly different. Like I said before, we are looking forward to having one more day out on the course and being able to see more of Australia before we come home next thursday.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And... keep checking Clay is doing some cool things with it!
Sorry, I've been lazy in uploading my pictures. Hopefully I'll do that before we leave but no promises.

Scott played well today although had  a few unfortunate shots.  New day tomorrow and I feel a good round coming.

Their is a stomach bug going around at the hotel where the course is being played.  Thankfully we aren't staying there and trying to avoid it at all costs. We think it's a bug at least... it may be bad food.  Not sure but don't want to find out.  Looks like the Rye Motel ends up being the best place to stay after all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hot! hot! hot!

Today has been super hot! The boys tee off tomorrow morning at 730 aussie time.  It's suppose to be another hot day so hopefully we will get done before it gets to hot. 

Happy Birthday Clay!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Aussie Style.

What an adventure... Scott had his first driving on the opposite side of the road yesterday.  Most of the time I'm scared just trying in the US with him so just imagine the fear yesterday.  He did great and we are so thankful to have a rental car this week. I may make a side business shuttling guys to and from the course.  Transportation is terrible this week... maybe I can make a small fortune! :) 

I really wanted to go up to the Sunshine Coast, where I studied abroad, part of this week but it's not going not work out.  We are just too far away from the city to get back and forth. We kept saying that we would be in Melbourne this week but really we are two hours outside of the city in Rye Beach.  It's beautiful but I don't feel like we are in Australia.  Beach day today for me... I'm already burned.

Scott and Clay are practicing today, all day.  They are not playing in the ProAm tomorrow but it is Clay's birthday so I'm sure we will be doing something fun! We have internet access this week so should see a lot of updates.  Keep an eye out for them.