Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the Challenge. Sad but true.

This week we are in Choctaw, MS.  There is not a whole lot going on here... except gambling. Due to our increased boredom of being on the road of the sixth week we have decided to challenge ourselves.  This week we are embarking on the Subway Challenge.  We plan to eat Subway for lunch and dinner, the whole week(7 days, 14 meals). 

As many of you know and have heard us complain, eating out is by far one of the hardest parts of this lifestyle.  As the venues change from week to week, the food does not.  Every place has a Chilis, Olive Garden, Chick fil A, Subway, etc. Eating out gets old... especially in towns where the food options are limited, such as Choctaw, MS.

Choctaw, MS is not what I would consider the food capital of the world. Our only dining options this week are Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, some sketchy Mexican joint, Subway and Krystals.  Last year we were so desperate for food options that we thought of my brother and embarked on Krystals.  I have been known to eat my fair share of junk food, as well as my husband, but that was too much for us!  This week to avoid that, we are going with the Subway Challenge.         

What makes this challenge even better is that Subway is having their current Scrabble promotion.  We have already recieved 3 free drinks, 2 free cookies (my personal favorite), 1 free bag of chips, and a six inch sub.  So far, not too bad. We will see what else we have won by the end of the 14th meal!. ha