Monday, December 28, 2009

Life is Good

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, we sure did. We love this time of year. It tends to be kind of busy (especially this year bc we are again on the 19th) but we enjoy being home and actually getting to spend time with our families.
Speaking of families, Scott and I are going to be aunts and uncles again. We will be welcoming Vivie Leah to the family early Wed morning!! We are so excited to be home to meet my brothers little girl. One of the downsides of traveling is that we miss so much. We missed our nephews, Pete, birth a couple of years ago. We are beyond thrilled to be here this time.

So... Even though it's not golf related that's what is going on with us!

Scott is working on sponsorship for 2010, practicing with his new clubs (something about new grooves for next year), and working out like a maniac.