Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panama Update

Spoke to Scott a couple of times today.  They are enjoying Panama though complain about how hot it is there (pretty close to 100 degrees).  He added a couple new Adams clubs to the bag yesterday for the ProAm and was so please with them, played today with them as well.  He wasn't in fact very please with the ProAm.  He said that they began at 1220 and didn't get off of the course last night until 7.  Scott likes the usually but I think the one on Wednesday was a stretch of patience even for him!  The first round was suspended due to darkness or so my text from the tour said.  They will tee off tomorrow at 12 something.

He's said that he is impressed with how well the players have been taken care of down there.  He's also glad that Clay is allowed to go many places that in the states he usually won't be (such as player lounge, locker room, clubhouse, etc). I know the boys are having a blast.