Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 1, hole 3.....ugh

Today will be a very, very long day.
This is a really fun event though! It's been fun to oooo and awe over some of the celebrities. I didn't recognize many names but a lot of faces. This morning I ran into a very pregnant star from Army Wives, Kurt Russell, and Kate Hudson's very attractive brother. Other people playing include a star from Criminal Minds (which I am a very big fan of!), the cute Rascal Flatt, several pro athletes including Jerry Rice who is making his second Nationwide appearance, the Clemson coach, an OC star, a fella from Rules of Engagement, several musicians, some guy from Lost, and a few more.

Another person of interest is Scott's new caddy Josh. So far so good. I think Scott is in love with him!

More updates to come over these next loooong few days!