Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My goof...

This week I had my first ever housing goof. Basically, I thought the tournament never contacted us, we pricelined a hotel, paid in full. Turns out... I spoke with the family we were suppose to stay with back in July and I 100% forgot. Way to go Jen.

To make everything worse... We have received several comments about us being 'too good' for housing here. Unfortunately it was just an honest mistake. I speak/email with so many families throughout the year and I let this week fall through the cracks. I'm sorry and it was an accident... Nothing more.

Obviously, this week we are in a hotel. It's nice every and then to be in a hotel (but thankfully it's not too often). We are really close to downtown, the golf course, and the greenway runs right through the property. It's pretty great! Scott's playing in a ProAm today and then to bed early for us! He has an 8:10 tee time on Thursday. At least this week I don't have to get up early by myself on Thursday!! :)