Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here's what's going on....

Well, as you can see from the leaderboard Chattanooga did not go as we had hoped.  It happens, it's part of the game.  Golf is hard and it's even harder at the end of the season. It is so easy to put unconscious pressure on yourself when you only have a few weeks left in the season.  It is even easier to do that when you know one good week will get you to the PGA Tour next year.  I cannot imagine what goes on in Scott's head while he's out there.  As of now, Scott has already secured his NWT card for next year.  The next goal is to finish in the Top 40 on the money list because that will put him straight through to the final stage of  PGA Tour Qualifying School.  Otherwise he will have to go to 2nd stage the week before Thanksgiving in Tampa, FL (same course as last year).  The ultimate goal he has for himself is the Top 25 but his next small goal is Top 40..... Can you see how the can cause some pressure?

Scott has two more regular season events in Miami and Jacksonville.  The last event will be the Tour Championship in Charleston, SC.  The Tour Championship has the Top 60 players playing 4 days without a cut. The purse for that event is one million dollars.

I am not going to Miami this week.  A. I wanted to stay home... B. I have some wedding activities to be a part of for a dear friend.  I'm so excited to be home!!! I know I'll miss being out there but man it's nice to see your own things and sleep in your own bed! I'll fly out the following Tuesday for Jacksonville.

Scott will be in Miami grinding it out as usual.  He's been working his tail off all year. I am so proud of him and you all should be.  I don't care what happens the rest of the year... he's done so great that you all should be unbelievably proud.