Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas, travel delays.

As I sit in my warm, snow covered condo, Scott is stuck sitting in the Knoxville airport.  He has been there since 3:30.  Scott, his coach, and his coach's wife planned to fly out of here at 5pm today.  They are going from here to Atlanta, Atlanta to West Palm Beach.  
Well... Knoxville has no delays but Atlanta has no room for planes to land.  So... they have to sit and wait in Knoxville for their clearance to land before they can even take off! 
Scott claims that he's coach has the worst luck traveling (major delays joining us in CA earlier this year, stuck in STAND STILL traffic for 7+ hours going to Tour Championship...etc.).  
Scott says he will never travel with them again! :)

They will be practice (and stay) out of the Floridian which is an hour + outside of West Palm. 
At least he will be able to practice... if he can ever get there!