Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Talk about a RUSH!

Just breathe, just breathe... 

Wow! We are so excited and so thrilled but MAN! We have a ton of stuff to get done. 
Scott and I leave Sunday early for Jamaica (which we are beyond excited about).

Before we leave he has to get everything settled for 2010 and get things set for 2011. Scott will be home tonight, he's been in orientation for the last two days in Orlando, and will hit the ground running on Thursday. Meetings, interviews, paperwork... etc. 
 One of my best friends is getting married this weekend so I've got all that stuff to do. 
When we finally get to Jamaica I'm sure we will crash! 

We will be leaving for the season in less that a month. 
We are busy but it's all things that we've always wanted.