Tuesday, January 11, 2011


5 hours is a big difference! I'm pretty sure Scott and I were both ready to go to sleep last night at 7:30.  We are staying in an awesome hotel and we have 3 dolphins swimming off of our balcony.  We both thought they were sharks at first! (<---View from our balcony)

Scott played his first practice round yesterday.  He's really excited and the course is awesome.  We both have had multiple run ins with some of the famous guys.... kinda strange.  One guy even came up to our lunch table and played with a friend's little one. I'm pretty sure all of us  just froze.  It was pretty cool.

Today (it's 8:13a here) Scott will play and practice.  He'll be playing an off site ProAm on Wednesday.  Several of the girls are going to the North Shore this afternoon to check things out.  The weather isn't suppose to be wonderful, except today, so I'm not sure we'll have a ton of beach time this week.
Regardless, we're having a blast and are so thrilled to be here!