Saturday, January 15, 2011

Round 1, check!

Well... Round 1 is complete! Scott did awesome. He had one fairly major bad break and that was an unplayable lie (ended up with a double boogie) on his second nine hole.  He stayed in it though and finished with a birdie.  I'm so proud of him. 
Here are a couple of pictures from today.... I was trying to be sneaky with my little camera. No cameras allow. :)
Scott and I are both fighting some kind of sickness.  Thankfully, he's on the tail end.... I'm just starting it.  At least he's feeling better.  He's currently at dinner.  I decided to stay in and try to rest.  The weather today was perfect.  The highs in the 80s with a little bit of wind when Scott first teed off.  The weather here is a little crazy.  It can rain in part of the island but not in other parts.  Thankfully we had no rain today.  
Yesterday, since there was no golf being played, we were able to book the next several weeks of travel.  Thanks to Ms. Linda telling us about VRBO many, many moons ago... we will be renting houses for the next several weeks.  It will be great to stay with several of our other couple friends and hang out.  Life out here is much more hectic than it has been in the past.  We've already learned that you have to be very intentional with your time out here.  
We are having a blast and are so thankful to be here.  This is definitely a whole different ballgame than I'm used to but I love it. We are so blessed... there is no denying it.  

*My mom is laid up in bed, probably going stir crazy, after having surgery. So... Mom, I hope you're feeling better.  Can't wait til your feet are fixed and you can come hang out with us on the road! Love you!