Sunday, March 20, 2011

Overcome with JOY!

Wow... I'm not sure what else to say.  

Scott played so well this week.  It's always great to play well on a Sponsors Exemption (that's how he got into the field at the Transitions) but I'm not sure it's necessarily expected.  Let's just say that the Transitions team was beyond thrilled. We were able to speak with the President of Transitions and some of their key players on the first tee and then again on the 18th green.  We've met some great people on their team and we are so, so thankful for them.  

Scott handled the round like a veteran.  He stayed aggressive and avoided looking at the leaderboards.  Their were a TON of people out there today.  Most of the holes I was able to judge how he was doing based on the crowds reactions... I couldn't see the green most of the time.  After his double bogey on 16, Scott asked Josh what they needed to do to stay in the top 10 (top 10 getting him into the next event in Houston, Bayhill wasn't even an option).  Apparently Josh and told him that he was currently in third place.

Things have been pretty crazy ever since he finished play today.  I never thought so many people would want to interview and talk with Scott like they have.  I think one of his highlights was talking with Tim Rosaforte this evening.  Apparently he's a pretty big deal in the golf world.

Everything has been great and we have felt the love from everyone beyond what we ever expected.  I hate to admit it but just the thought of responding to all of the voice mails, emails, texts, facebooks, twitters, etc are a bit overwhelming.  I had to laugh at the number of times I heard people tell me how many non golfers watched golf this weekend!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :) Please know that we are truly thankful for all of your support.  It's so nice to hear that their are actually people behind us was we keep trekking on this crazy journey!