Monday, October 31, 2011

Everyone needs a visa for china.

It's funny how quickly things change...

Josh and I are headed to China this morning (if you call 0140 morning). We've had a whirlwind 24 hours.

Yesterday 10:30pm Scott, Josh and I leave hotel and head to the airport.
We arrive around 11ish and start the checking in process. Things quickly went downhill... The information we were given stated that only Scott needed a visa for China and that Josh and I fell under his. Boy was that information correct...
1130 After much debate Josh and I headed outside to attempt to find a tournament drive to take us back to the hotel. We wait nervously.
1140 Drive arrives to drop off a player at airport. He laughs and agrees to take us back to the hotel.
100am Arrive back at hotel and attempt to call the States to figure out what happened. Email back and forth to decide how to go forward tomorrow. Hear from my extremely frustrated and nervous husband.
140am Finally get to my room and crash. Well... Not really because my mind was racing.
600am Wake up call come in. Get up. Shower. Repack.
650am Wait in lobby for tournament personnel. Since we couldn't call them at almost 2am last night we get up early to make sure we don't misss our opportunity to fix the situation.
800am Freddy, incredible Freddy, walks in. We discuss our options and begin to scramble with paperwork.
900am Head to the Chinese consulate with Freddy, Ben Crane, Joel(his caddy) and Ben's dad. Thankfully Ben was there. He won Maylaysia last year. If it had only been Josh and I things would have happened differently.
1030am Leave consulate. Paperwork pushed through thanks to the Prime Minister. We wait.
1130am First meal of the day (yes, I know... I can afford to miss some meals). First hamburger as well. :)
1215pm FaceTime with my frustrated and nervous husband.
130pm Head back to consulate for our 'interviews'.
400pm Leave consulate. Head back to hotel with NO passports.
445pm Freddy arrives at hotel with 5 passports including visas.
500-930pm I finally sleep.
1030pm Head back to airport for attempt #2.
1125pm successful check in.

111am Waiting in airport lounge for our 140am flight.

We are due to arrive at hotel in China at 830am on Tuesday.

I am now not dreading China. I am thankful to be going after this long, crazy 24 hours.

I type all of this twice to let you know that everyone needs a visa for China.