Saturday, January 21, 2012

Injury Update

Here's the most recent update on Scott's injury....

Currently, Scott is going through his fifth physical therapy treatment in 36 hours.  He was diagnosed with an intercostal rib injury.  He woke up still tender this morning but that is more from therapy than the injury itself.  The cause to the injury is ultimately unknown but the most logical cause was due to a stretching session on Thursday morning (stretching is a usual part of Scott's week).
Ultimately, we do not know how long Scott will be out.  If the issue hasn't subsided Scott will have an MRI on Monday in San Diego.  Hopefully this will not be necessary and he will begin his next tournament next week at Torrey Pines.  

We appreciate all of the prayers and support through this.  This WD has been Scott's first in 5 years.  Ultimately, we've been very blessed that this has been his only injury to date.  We firmly believe that Scott will begin competing again soon.