Monday, May 28, 2012

PTWA meets the Ronald McDonald House

Last week in Fort Worth, TX the PGA TOUR Wives Association visited the Ronald McDonald House and cooked for the 32 (i think that's right) families, about 70-80 people. 

In, 2013 the PTWA will launch a large table top book for our 25th anniversary.  It will include recipes from some of your favorite players (yes, even us!).  

We decided to cook some of those recipes for these families! 

 One of the multiple shopping trips to pick up the chow.  Meagan did a fabulous job organizing this event! 
 Pretty cute, huh?
 The whole group before lunch
 Cooking for that many people was tough! Four of us cooked 7-10pm Tuesday and 8am-1:30 Wednesday to get all of it ready.  We had a blast in the process... Guess I learned how to cook for a bunch! Everyone to our house! 
 Last minute prep.
Some of the items we made.  I think we made 10 recipes that day. 
the candy table for the kiddos.