Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unfortunately... another injury update

We learned a lot from the rib injury earlier in the year.  Unfortunately, we are having to use what we learned much sooner than anticipated.  Scott had to withdraw last week in CT.  We had hoped that we were coming home strictly for precautions but his MRI told us other things.  He currently has 2 herniated discs in his back. He's been in therapy multiple times a day since Thursday.  He also meets with a spine guy on Tuesday of this week.  We are hoping and praying that everything will shift back into place on its own and that he can play again at the Greenbrier.  At this point we aren't sure...

This year had been frustrating.  We've heard all kinds of "lovely" comments about Scott's play this year.  I can promise everyone this is not the year we intended on but you play the cards you're dealt sometimes.  Scott, especially, is doing the best that he can.  We're hoping things can turn around soon.