Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Truth behind the True South Classic

Well... the last little bit has been a blur.  

I had decided to stay home while Scott was in Mississippi.  
Go figure, he plays great and I'm at home.  

There was talk throughout the weekend of making a trip down to the tournament but Scott had asked me not to come.  He didn't want to worry about me in the heat walking the course.  
Yeah, yeah... whatever. 

On Sunday I couldn't stand it.  A couple of us went back and forth about heading down there (will he be mad, what if he doesn't win, we could jinx him, etc.).  Well, when he was on the 7th hole we left (3:05 Knoxville time).  

I usually don't get nervous but on this flight I was anxious! We were stuck in a tin can clueless how the tournament was going.   That 1.5 hour flight felt like 5! 

We were able to have the pilot call whomever to check the scores online once... at that point he was on 12.  It only made all of our nerves worse.  

When we finally touched down in Madison, MS there was a fabulous volunteer there to pick us up.  He was amazing.  He got us to the course so fast and when we arrived Scott was on 16.  

We waited inside because we didn't want him to know that we were there.  "We can't jinx him if he doesn't know we are here" his agent said.  

So, big surprise for SS when he putts in to win and he sees us on the green! He was so surprised!! It was so, so worth it! 

The trip was crazy but so fun!  
We were able to celebrate with him, take his trophy and giant check and head home.
I can't believe it all worked out so well!!!!!!!!!

Scott's next couple events will be RBC Canada (this week), PGA Championship and Wyndham.