Sunday, December 16, 2012

College Golf Fellowship

The next three days craziness is about to insue at our house!! 
We are having a College Golf Fellowship Retreat here in Knoxville.  
For the next three days we will have about 80 college boys in & out of our house.  
Yes, I understand how crazy this sounds.... 
especially at 8 months pregnant!! 
Scott and I are both so excited about it though!  When we bought our house last year we had hopes to use all of the space (we don't currently need) to give back.  
So... what's the plan for the 3 days? 
There will be some ultimate frisbee, mud, lots of food, several HUGE service projects, hanging out, Scott and Webb Simpson q&a, small groups, corn hole, talks, golf, Downtown Knoxville, lots and lots of boys sleeping on the floor, couches, tables, bathtubs (maybe, you never know!), ping pong, messes and lives changed forever... 
Sounds kinda crazy, fun, right???!! 
Hope our neighbors don't hate us after all of this. :) 

Wish us luck!