Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're home... but nothing exciting...

Well, we are home but nothing too exciting is going on.  Scott is working his tail off preparing himself to 2nd stage… although he is already ready.  He is confident and excited.  We will be leaving on Saturday for Tampa.  We have been so blessed, it’s unbelievable.  We are both just so thankful.  
I had a great birthday and spent the day with our nephew, the cutest kid in America.  He is crazy about Sesame Street right now and one of his favorite things to say is “awwww man”.  Let’s be honest, how can it get any cuter than that?!
Randomly, Scott and I are becoming aunts and uncles left and right as our friends keep telling us that they are pregnant… although we are so excited for them… we are getting outta Knoxville because there must be something in the water!! No, really… we are so excited for all of you. You know who you are!!
Also, for another random bit…. Dad, we love you and we are so excited for you!! He’s having his big retirement party tomorrow!!  I can’t wait to begin our photography adventures!  Enjoy everything! You deserve it!!!!!!